turned wood 
A retired art educator who came to turning after twenty-six years in the classroom teaching jewelry, sculpture, drawing and photography, Bruce Knuth constructs and turns vessels in his studio in Battlement Mesa, Colorado. He holds a B.S and M.A degree in fine arts from Western Michigan University and teacher certification from Colorado State University.
Releasing a finished form by turning holds great appeal for Bruce and working from a harvested log or constructing rough forms from segments of various woods gives him a rich and natural palette of materials. Influences for his designs come from a wide range of sources; Southwestern pottery and Northwestern Native American carvings, prairie school architecture and Asian pottery.  Each piece is carefully formed from domestic and imported woods and brought to a fine finish. Embellishments may include carved, wood burned and dye surface applications. The polychrome, or multicolored patterns are not applied but extend through the walls of each vessel. Because Bruce is working with natural materials, each piece is a unique, one of a kind creation.

Contact Bruce: through the gallery  email:  tel: (970) 379-0502  

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  1. $160
    American Cherry bowl w/ pyrography embellishment, 9” diameter
  2. $155
    American Cherry Bowl w/ Holly and resin inlay, 9 ½” diameter
  3. $200
    Aspen Vase w/pyrography embellishment, 7” tall
  4. $160
    Aspen twig vase w/ included bark, 15 ½” tall
  5. $250
    Ebonized Catalpa bowl, 10” diameter
  6. $470
    Maple, Cherry and Rosewood segmented bowl, 15 ½” diameter
  7. $220
    Maple and Wenge segmented bowl, 8 ¼” diameter
  8. $120
    Aspen Natural Edge bowl 12" across
  9. $550
    Maple and Purpleheart segmented vase, 11 ½” diameter
  10. $120
    Aspen Natural Edge Bowl, 9 ½” across
  11. $250
    Aspen Vase w/ black eyed Susan pyrography design, 10 1/2” tall
  12. $425
    Ebonized Cottonwood bowl, 13” diameter