Amelia Eshelman

“I consider it a privilege to be able to make people smile and reflect on how a photograph touches their hearts and thoughts, and it’s a joy to share  ‘the eye’ of this artist with you.”

Photography, Watercolor

Amelia Eshelman’s “formal training” was received by traipsing through the beautiful hillsides of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with her Kodak camera in tow.  The rolling hills, green pastures, old buildings, covered bridges and quaint antiques of Amish country were her classroom and light was her teacher. Eventually she upgraded the Kodak to a Cannon Film Camera which over time felt like an extension of her body. 
If DNA counts, then Amelia  comes from a long line of artistic ancestors who had ‘the artistic eye’.  Some showed their abilities by building beautiful stone homes and barns that have lasted hundreds of years. Others,  like her grandmother, were blessed in the (seriously good enough to be on Martha Stewart) ‘art of fabrics’. As for Amelia, she feels blessed to be able to capture God’s images through the use of a metal, plastic and glass box that is a camera and lens.