Arlene Law

“Violets and blues crisscrossed by fluorescing greens make my head whirl with imagination!”  

Acrylics, Oils & Watercolors

Arlene Law grew up in Minnesota and received her art training at the University of Minnesota and numerous workshops over the years.  She has studied with nationally  and internationally  acclaimed artists, Steve Quiller, Kim Mackey, Zoltan Szabo and Kim English. Arlene came to the West Slope of Colorado to raise her family and to get away from the brutal Minnesota winters. Colorado truly has become her home and her primary inspiration. She is a founding charter member of the Glenwood Springs Art Guild and a respected artist, locally, nationally and internationally. Arlene was one of the original founders of the highly successful Fall Art Festival in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She has won numerous awards at this popular festival as she has in innumerable other state and local exhibitions. Arlene has exhibited at the Maxim of Greeley Invitational Exhibition, Greeley, CO, the prestigious Colorado Watercolor Society Exhibition in Denver and the Western Colorado Watercolor Society, Grand Junction, CO, with whom she has achieved Signature Master Status.
In acrylics and occasionally watercolors or oils, Arlene dabs out bucolic landscapes, quirky clowns and psychedelic abstracts.  She was heavily influenced by Norman Rockwell in her formative years and his celebration of ordinary life heavily influences her painting to this day. Her landscapes often contrast man’s decayed ordinary handiwork, such as rusted pickups and faded barns, against Mt. Sopris and the enduring beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley. She tries not to take herself too seriously and often paints still lifes of her vast doll collection, colorful paintings of clowns, or as a dyed in the wool Denver Bronco fan, Bronco memorabilia.  Her paintings highlight her fascination with the Quiller color wheel. “Violets and blues crisscrossed by fluorescing greens make my head whirl with imagination!” 
Arlene’s  miniatures have received awards at the Miniature Art Society of Florida and displayed in the juried international exhibitions, the Miniature Painters, Sculptures and Gravers Society at The Smithsonian, Washington, DC, and the 5th Worldwide Exhibition Of World Federation of Miniaturists in Moscow, Russia.