Bill Inverso

Wood Sculpture

Hello, I’ve been a woodworker in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 35 years. I enjoy creating pieces that are interesting and difficult. The Nautilus and Ammonite shells don’t use much wood and I sometimes make them out of standard 2×4 lumber, though some are made from Cherry, Walnut, Maple and other interesting woods. The shells are intriguing because they portray the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Spiral and are the foundation of our universe.

The ribbon sculptures expand our minds to look at wood three dimensionally and I never know what’s going to be created until it’s done. I know I’m making these sculptures for someone I may never meet but I know they will enjoy them and that makes me joyful as I work.

I also do commissioned work if someone wants something in particular so contact me at 970-379-7173 or visit my website at I’m always creating new pieces so please come back and thank you for supporting the local artists in this valley and the Cooper Corner Gallery.