Carlyle Stem, Watercolors

Carlyle Stem is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker and watercolor artist. After a career leading conservation, education and visual art nonprofit organizations, Carlyle is now taking more time to devote to her watercolor paintings. Rocky Mountain flora and fauna, particularly birds, flowers and trout found in the Roaring Fork Valley, are her subject matter.

Each of my paintings is inspired by the natural world around me. I find myself constantly “seeing a painting I want to paint” in my daily walks, bird-watching, cross-country skiing and high country hikes. I can become lost for hours in mixing just the right color combinations and sketching out intricate details that are most striking to me. Im not a fast painter. For me, painting is a series of stops and starts, lots of thinking about it, looking at it from different perspectives, starting over, and repeat. I usually paint a painting several times. It is fun. And it is a pleasure to share my art with you. Thank you for taking a look.