Functional Artistic Creations from Wood

After more than 20 years working in a family business, I knew it was time to make a change.  I’ve always enjoyed building, fixing and tinkering and the time was right to take a chance and unleash my creative side.  In 2019 I officially left the family business and Kuz’s Workshop was born. 

At Kuz’s Workshop, my focus is on making unique, functional artistic creations.  Working with wood, metal, found objects, epoxy resins, high voltage electricity and fire I create one of a kind pieces of art that will bring years of enjoyment, wonder and use to your home.  Many of the wood pieces I make incorporate Lichtenberg Figures.  This is a technique that uses thousands of volts of electricity to burn complex and one of a kind patterns into the wood. 


As an Artist and Maker, the process is always exciting.  Seeing different materials come together to make something special and unique is incredibly rewarding.  The characteristics of each piece influence its creation.  The grain and color of the wood, the shapes of the parts of a sculpture, the intended use, and how all the pieces and processes come together in the end are an adventure in creativity.  That adventure also includes helping design and create custom decor, furnishings and serving pieces specific to a clients needs and ideas. 

I hope you enjoy my creations and are inspired to find and feed your own creativity.