Sally Linden


Sally Linden has been a photographer since early high school age living and growing up in Malibu, CA. with dark rooms and chemicals but has now in the last twelve years transitioned in to digital photography with that instant appreciation of an image. She has taken many courses in photography over the years, beginning in high school, and has attended numerous workshops with National Geographic photographers in the field throughout Utah, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Colorado.​

A recent transplant to Colorado, she has retired from a 45 year career as a fitness trainer to fully immerse herself in her photography. Her new adopted home of Glenwood Springs provides a plentiful palette of colors and inspiration.

Sally’s mission is to make the viewer to respond emotionally with a smile, and, through her images of wild horses, to help them appreciate that wild mustangs are a part of the American Heritage. As an animal advocate with a need to save all four legged creatures, Sally gives a portion of her proceeds to animal rescues.​