Hand Crafted by Little Hands

The Matthews family started their cutting board business in the summer of 2012. The business has worked well serving a dual purpose: offering a creative outlet for Mom and the kids and satisfying Dad’s passion for instilling entrepreneurship, responsibility, and business ethics within the children.

Beginning at age 7, Zechariah went to work on occasion with Dad at a moulding shop and was there forever influenced with an interest in wood, artistic design and numbers. At age 9, Zechariah made his first cutting board and encouraged by mom & dad, sought to sell them at the Downtown Glenwood Springs Market. After 8 Tuesday nights, he had sold 99 cutting boards and did $2,000 in sales! All of those boards were cut out in our kitchen by hand with a coping saw! Sarah was 7 and helped manage Adam who was 4 at the time. We all had important parts to play and by the end of the Market season, people were asking us for a “name”, website or business card. So, we decided upon “Hand Crafted by Little Hands”!

Zechariah has since developed a love for woodworking, gold prospecting, and combat robotics. Our daughter, Sarah, has a love for BMX bicycle racing, is pursuing a welding certification and is in the processes of developing her own business; Santa Anna Chains. Our youngest, Adam, has shown an interest in inventing things, has built his own computer and is excelling in school. All 3 have picked up valuable lessons in talking with customers, expenses/profits, tools, product quality; important responsibilities in general.

We are proud of our cutting boards, made from various hardwood species and available in a wide selection of traditional and creative shapes. We do consider custom orders, offer laser engraving and are very appreciative of the support we’ve had throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.